US ESTA VISA Information


1. Explaining of Esta?

All non USA citizens are requiring a Visa or Electronic Travel Authority to entry USA. It can be an E-Visitor or an Esta. As the Esta is an electronically stored authority to travel to USA it's 100% electronic, and that's the reason why it is totally accessible by USA border agencies, travel agents and airlines. For the visitor it's good as well because he or she can travel to USA without having to physically go to a departmental office such as an official embassy or consulate to apply for the conventional paper visa.

2. Esta Requirements

The requirements are the following:

- Visitor has to be from one of the Esta eligible's countries.
- Visitor has to be physically outside USA when he or she is applying.
- Visitor's trip to USA has to be either for tourism, seeing friends or family, or for short-term business.
- Business (Making general business or employment enquirie, going to seminars, trade fairs or conferences, etc.).
- Visitor's passport has to be valid for 6 months from the day you access USA.
- Visitor can stay in USA for a maximum time of 3 months.
- Visitor must have had no major criminal convictions, in which visitor served more than 1 year in jail.
- Visitor must not have tuberculosis at the moment of travel into, and within, USA.
- Visitor is not allowed to work in the meantime he or she is in USA.
- Visitor can access USA all the times he or she wishes for a period of 12 months which starts on the date that the - Esta is granted, or until visitor's passport expires.

3. Esta Expiration Date

The Visitor can access USA as many times as he or she wishes for a period of 12 months which exactly starts on the date that your Esta is granted, or until your passport expires.

4. Esta Eligible Countries

Only citizens from the following list of countries are eligible to apply for the submission of an online Esta.
If you are not a citizen of one of these countries you will have to contact the USA Mission related to the Visa department and apply for a Visitor Visa (subclass 600).

United States
- Honk Kong
- Canada
- South Korea
- Japan
- Singapore
- South Korea
- Brunei

If you are from the European Union, San Marino, Andorra, Vatican or Monaco, you can also apply for a E-Visitor permit in our main platform.

5. About Esta-Evisitor

Regarding this visa, the USA government takes at least 6 days to process it. In case visitor is going to travel within the next 6 days, we recommend you to contact the USA embassy in your country. Our recommendation is to start the visa request process one month prior to your trip. *The following passport holders are able to access USA's Esta- EVisitor visa program: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Republic of San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vatican City.

6. Esta Application

In order to apply for an Esta through the online application, you need to have your email address, passport, and a credit card to be able to complete the online application.

It's very important to keep in mind that the details you provide in your online Esta application must be exactly the same ones as they appear in your passport. Likewise, when you will be travelling to USA, you will need to use the same passport that is linked to your online Esta application.

To apply for Esta you need to fill the Esta Application form, Apply for Esta

7. Esta-Evisitor Application

- Allowed things to do once you get your Esta-Evisitor.
- Go on holidays or see friends and family in USA.
- Visit USA for up to three months during each stay for 12 months from the date the Esta- EVisitor is received.
- Study in USA for up to three months.
- Do business activities when you are in USA but you must not:
- Selling any kind of service or goods
- Give services to or work for any company or corporation
- The following are allowed Business visitor activities:
- Take part in an official government trip
- Making inquiries of employment or business matters
- Carry on investigation, reviews, negotiations, or signing business contracts
- Attending trade fairs, seminars, or conferences provided you do not receive payment by the organization for taking part on such events.

8. In case visitor gets approved for an Esta-EVisitor

If visitor's Esta- EVisitor request receives an approval, visitor will receive confirmation by email informing him or her that it’s been granted. Please keep and save this email and take it with you when visitor goes to USA, since it contains:

Visitor's Esta- EVisitor grant number
Visitor's Esta- EVisitor start date
The Esta- EVisitor terms
Visitor's passport will receive no label. When checking in to fly to USA, the airline personnel will confirm the Esta- EVisitor and passport information electronically.

9. In case Visitor is not approved for an Esta- EVisitor

If visitor's request for an Esta- EVisitor is rejected, he or she will receive confirmation by email informing that the Esta- EVisitor has not been granted.

10. Duration of the Esta-EVisitor

Starting on the Esta- EVisitor grant date and for 12 months, visitor will be allowed to remain in USA for a maximum of 3 months on each stay.

Visitor will not be able to extend an Esta- EVisitor. In case visitor wishes to extend the stay after entering USA, visitor will need to apply for another visa before the current Esta- EVisitor expiry date. Visitor might be granted another visa provided that:

Have respected the Esta- EVisitor’s terms

Meet all the required specifications of the visa visitor wishes to apply for.

It might be required that visitor passes a health check if he or she wishes to apply for a different type of visa. If a different visa is granted to visitor, the new visa will replace the current Esta- EVisitor and all its conditions.
If the USA Government has not decided on the visa request before the current Esta- EVisitor expires, they might grant the visitor a Bridging visa until visitor's visa application has been reviewed and has not been made on the visa application before the Esta- EVisitor ends, visitor might be granted a Bridging visa until they made a decision on visitor's visa application.

If visitor's visa application is rejected, visitor will need to leave USA prior to the end of the Esta- EVisitor or your Bridging visa.

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